Amethyst that quickens the mind  

Amethyst has a history of being the stone most desired by humans since a very long time. More precisely, they have been used for roughly 2000 years as jewellery and had always a special heart in the minds of the rich. Amethyst used to be much scarcer, only until recently that humanity uncovered larger deposits of the beautiful gem humans always have loved.  By doing so, humans devalued this magnificent gemstone by flooding the markets with loads. However, thanks to the increasing supply, bringing price down, amethyst nowadays, can be enjoyed by everyone around the world for a fair price. This gem brings you joy, royalty and beauty to your soul.  

Today, amethyst is a semiprecious stone, it is often used in jewellery while still being much desired around the world and for no wonder. Amethyst is one heck of a stone; the true beauty is revealed by holding the stone into light. We have always desired this stone for its many meanings it carried that has been given to it by culture. The stone has been associated with enabling connection to the spiritual and divine realms of this world and giving humans the power of serenity, understanding, trust and grace. It is even believed that the stones properties can protect one from negative spiritual energy.

Leonardo da Vinci once said that amethyst helps to quicken intelligence and that it helps to get rid of evil spirits. And even today, people wear amethyst for the same properties.


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